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Grade 12 AS Chemistry

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Subject facilitator: Ms Tonia Jacobs

Teacher Bio: Ms Tonia Jacobs, B Sc; HOD; (University of Stellenbosch) Hon BEd (UNISA). Experienced in teaching Physical Science for 30 years.

Grade 12 AS Chemistry includes the following themes:

1 Atoms molecules
and equations
2 Atomic and electronic
3 Chemical bonding and
intermolecular forces
4 States of matter
5 Chemical energetics
6 Redox
7 Equilibria
8 Rates of reactions
9 The periodic table
and periodicity
10 Group  II The alkaline earth metals
11 Group VII The
12 From nitrogen and
sulfur to ammonia and sulfuric acid
13 Introduction to
organic chemistry
14 Alkanes
15 Alkenes
16 Organic halogen
17 Alcohols
18 Carbonyl compounds
19 Carboxylic acids and
their derivatives
12b The Extraction of
transition elements from their ores